DataGeo s.r.l.


Environmental monitoring by filtering of high-resolution satellite/aerial imagery or high-precision electronic instruments.
Our young company, which was formed in March 2012 as an Incubated Enterprise at the Polo Tecnologico (Navacchio, Italy), is a response to increasing demand for quick and low cost environmental monitoring of wide to small areas.
We come from both the academic and professional worlds and use our in-house knowledge in geology, remote sensing, image analysis, and computer science to develop and offer innovative data processing for land and hydrographic surveying.
We work on both satellite, aerial and drone images to meet data needed by your company.

Application of our filtering systems is a promising tool for the identification of any characteristic of land, surface water, or urban and industrial areas you are interested to highlight, supplied in short time and at cheap pricing with respect to standard remote sensing services.
This is possible thanks to our algorithms that allow textural analysis of the images by processing their visible radiation spectrum only.
Our service covers a wide range of applications and can be programmed and adapted to your requirements, both in the planning of actions, ultimate control and surveying.